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Artifact Display Armatures

Bendable armatures and mounts to display art, artifacts, and collectibles

Artifact Display Armatures by ADE

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T-arm display
starting at:
Price: $9.20-$20.70

An assortment of Spider Mounts
starting at:
Price: $11.50-$23.00

Powder Horns displayed on H-arms
starting at:
Price: $20.00-$29.00

African mask on Large T-arm stand
starting at:
Price: $18.50-$28.75

Celt displayed on a Double T-Arm armature
starting at:
Price: $18.40-$34.50

3 Canes on Cane Holders
starting at:
Price: $27.00

Seashell on Center Post Base
starting at:
Price: $8.00-$50.00

Wall Mount
starting at:
Price: $35.00

Mount Making, Fitting a Steel Armature, how to display art,  how to display artifacts,
starting at:
Price: $150/Hour

Several different pliers
starting at:
Price: $1.50-$12.00

Products 1-10 of 10

Artifact display armatures are sturdy wire display stands designed to support and elegantly elevate small artistic objects, such as shells, statuettes, dolls, canes, minerals, etc. They are highly customizable, with their capabilities including cradling displays, supporting displays, hanging displays, and wall mounting displays, among many other options. Mounting artwork on a display armature may increase its value and elevate it both literally and figuratively.

Our armatures come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but most commonly are in the shape of “T” (T-Arms), “H” (H-Arms), and “X” (Spider Mounts), The use of a respective mount is governed by how and in what manner the artistic object is to be displayed, as well as the size of the object. Custom mounts are also available. All armatures are metal and are painted semi-flat black, while all bases are acrylic and may be either painted semi-flat black or clear. Armatures are removable from bases and mounting plates for all models to facilitate easier customization. Armatures and bases may also be ordered separately. 

To properly fit objects being displayed, armatures are easily bent, shaped, and cut with limited tool usage, which is generally restricted to pliers, wire cutters, and vices.

We carry a variety of products to more efficiently use and to enhance the display capabilities of the armatures. These products include pliers, wire cutters, self-adhesive felt, shrink tubing, rubber bumpers, and ethafoam.

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