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DIY Mount making,  Diy artifact display,  make a mount myself,  how to display a knife
Mount making Pliers
DIY Mount making,  Diy artifact display,  make a mount myself,  how to display a knife
Pliers, Small, Needle Nose - PL-01-SN
Pliers, Small, Duck Bill - PL-02-SD
Pliers, Large, serrated jaw with cutters - PL-11-LP
Snippers, Large Snippers - PL-10-LS
Stick on Feet -small, round - SFSR-8

Mount Making Supplies

*Mount Making Supplies

*Pliers- for bending armatures

*Shrink tube- for protecting art from armatures

*Felt- for protecting art from armatures, padding bases, and other uses

    Small Needle Nose Pliers, Smooth Jaw
    1 $6.00
    Small Duck Bill Pliers, Smooth Jaw
    1 $6.00
    Pliers, Large, Serrated jaw with cutters
    1 $12.00
    Large Snippers, For Cutting Wires
    1 $8.00
    Shrink Tube, 6inch, 1/8 inch ID, Black, Shrinks to 1/16
    Black 1 $1.50
    Shrink Tube, 6inch, 1/8 inch ID, Clear, Shrinks to 1/16
    Translucent 1 $1.50
    Shrink Tube, 6inch, 3/16 inch ID, Black, Shrinks to 3/32
    Black 1 $1.50
    Shrink Tube, 6inch, 3/16 inch ID, Clear, Shrinks to 3/32
    Translucent 1 $1.50
    Self Adhesive Felt- 34" x Per Foot
    Black 1 - 2
    Rubber Bumpers_144 per sheet - .085"H x .335" Round
    Clear 1 $5.00


    We have put together a collection of pliers that are used for mount making.

    -Jeweler Style pliers (PL-01-S-N and PL-02-S-D) have a smooth jaw and are used for bending smaller wires such as the top of our armature blanks. The smooth jaw helps to limit marking of the metal and painted surfaces, but they can still hold onto the metal armature during bending.  We have two styles available here and we recommend trying them both.  The different shapes and sizes of the jaws allows for different types of bends to be made.  

    -Linesman style pliers (PL-11-L-P) are much larger and have a serrated jaw with cutters. These pliers are suitable for bending the small portion of the armature with more control and are useful for bending the thicker metal upright. The built-in wire cutters are capable of cutting the smaller wires at the top of the mount blanks but are difficult to use when the mount is bent into a tight return at the ends. Most often used in pairs but a single plier can be used with a vise or strong hands. 

    -Large Snippers (PL-10-L-S) and for cutting wires only and are perfect for trimming a mount blank to size. These are what we use to trim a mount to finished length.

    -We strongly recommend using some tape (electrical, painters, or scotch) to pad out the tips of the pliers to help prevent marking the mount blank. 

    Shrink Tube

    After a mount is formed we use shrink tube to help pad and protect more delicate items. Application is simple, cut to desired length and slip over the end of the armature. Then carefully heat shrink tubing with a heat gun, stove top, or open flame and it will shrink to half its original diameter and grip on tightly. We typically follow up shrink tube application by painting the exposed surface to match the coloration of the art.


    100% acrylic felt that is safe to put against your art. Felt is useful for protecting your art, tables, floors, and so much more.

    Quick and easy to apply, the back side includes an acrylic adhesive to aid in applying felt to surfaces. Adhesive is not meant to safely stick to art but is perfect for adhering to display stands, risers, pedestals and so much more.

    Felt cuts with scissors and applies in minutes.
    Felt comes 35" wide and is sold by the foot.


    Self adhesive clear polyurethane feet.  These sticky feet are domed and are perfect for apply to the bottom of bases that you want to stay put.  Apply to the bottom of clear bases to prevent scratching the underside of the bases. 

    What Makes a Good Mount?

    The delicate balance between safe display and optimal presentation drives the art of mount design.  A safe and secure mount should support and properly orient its object without causing damage, but also protect the object while on display.  It's advisable that you apply shrink tubing or felt to the mount to pad and protect the artwork.  Mount construction should incorporate the proper materials: steel for durable mounts and heavy objects, brass for delicate items, acrylic for books, and Ethafoam forms for textiles for starters. Lastly, a well-designed mount should not distract from the display of its artifact. A mount should fully support the object yet not draw attention and so following the completion of mount making we color match the visible clips of all mounts to conceal them.  

    How does a custom mount blank work?  The concept is simple, You determine the size and shape of the mount that works best for you.  We can offer guidance and suggestions if need be.  We fabricate an unformed mount to your specifications and ship it to you.  You take the unformed mount and bend it to perfectly fit your object.  This step requires a little creativity but with patience we're confident you can do it.  Check out our Youtube videos that demonstrate the process.  

    Knife Mount Part 1

    Knife Mount Part 2

    Fire Arm Mount

    sword stand by ADE
    starting at:
    Price: $18.50-$30.00