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Powder Horns displayed on H-arms
Two powder horns on H-arm displays at varying heights. Horns by Dark Moon Antiques
Powder Horns displayed on H-arms
An unmodified H-arm display
Powder Horn on H-arm display
A H-arm stand being measured against a powder horn
An H-arm display shaped into a cradle
Powder Horn on H-arm display
Three powder horns on display (on two H-arms and one T-arm)
H-arm display formed into a miniature easel
An H-arm being used as an easel for art on slate
H-arm shaped to hold small swords
H-arm display holding crossed miniature swords
Video demonstration of H-arm usage
H-arm shaped into two "U" shapes
H-arm shaped into two "V" shapes
H-arms with tips bent up vertically
Customized H-arm display
Wood turning display on H-arm
H-arm gun stand
H-arm gun mount
H-arm pistol display
H-arm holding a revolver
H-arm revolver display
Gun-specific H-arm display shaping video demonstration

Artifact Display - H-Arm

Item #: HA-66

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  • Sturdy – Reliably supports small artistic objects
  • Discreet – Unobtrusive design perfect for art display
  • Easy to use – Can be shaped and modified with minimal tools 

Instructional Videos:(revolver display) (knife display)

Price: $29.00
    "H"-Armature Custom

    Black Clear No Base

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    H-Arms are easily customizable display armatures that are designed to cradle artistic objects from below. They are especially well-suited to holding small objects where one side is significantly longer than the others, such as handguns, knives, and powder horns, although their elegantly simple and customizable design means the possibilities are nearly limitless.


    All bases are 3 1/2"x7" and are 1/2 tall. They come in either semi-flat black or clear colors.


    The armature is made of metal. The standard armature consists of one 6" central post with two 6" attached arms and two 4.5" crossbars (one per central arm). The post is made with 5/32" steel,  the arms are made with 1/8" softened steel, and the crossbars are made with 1/16" softened Brass.

    *Note: Avoid putting pressure on soldered joints when bending. Also, when modifying the post, be sure to remove it from the base very carefully to minimize damage risk to the base as that specific junction can be very tight

    Custom Armatures:

    Sometimes a custom sized armature fulfills your needs more effectively than a standard one. You might want a larger or smaller armature, or maybe you need a stronger or more delicate upright. Whatever your needs may be, we can customize or custom build an armature for you.

    Custom H-arm Information   *H-arm only*   *H-arm and base*

    Further Inquiries:

    For further inquiries, please feel free to call us at (800-862-9869) or email us. Our team has been fabricating custom artifact displays for 35 consecutive years and has over 150 years combined of experience in the field of artifact mount making and is well-equipped to answer questions, offer advice, and provide support.

    For an entirely custom armature check out our Custom Mount Making page.


    Worked well for an artifact display.  Thanks! - atwitsend

    Excellent product - just what I needed. Great vendor. - S.N. -CA

    Additional Information

    Common tools for armature adjustment include:

    • Needle nose pliers in a variety of sizes (for tight bends in the “arms” of the “T”)
    • Large wire snippers (for trimming the arms to length)
    • Large pliers, such as Linesman's Pliers (for all-purpose bending and cutting uses)
    • A hacksaw (for shortening the post)
    • Flat black touch-up paint (for the base or armature after modifications to them)
    • Shrink Tube (to pad the artwork from the armature)
    • A heat source, such as a heat gun (for use of Shrink Tube)

    We carry many of these tools, which can be found on our Mount Making Supplies page.

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