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Wall T Mount blank
Wall mount, backboard mount, display case mount, display plate mount,
Artifact Wall Mounts - TA-W-0806B
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dagger wall display at ADE
dagger wall display at ADE

Artifact Wall Mounts

Item #: TA-W-0806B

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* See instructional video here

* Great for Artifacts, Figures, Dolls, Knives, Firearms and more

* Bend yourself for a custom fit

* Professional display presentation

* Can be used in many configurations

* Use for a variety of objects

Price: $35.00




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    Artifact Wall Mounts are our newest addition in response to requests from our valued customers.  We looked at the design and fabrication of hundreds of custom wall mounts we had made and realized that with a few adjustments we could make generic mount blanks for wall mounting artifacts.  We are starting with one size and we will add additional sizes and designs as we produce them. 

    For our first wall mount we started with an 8" tall x 6" wide T Armature and we added a 3/4" offset to float it off of the wall plate.  Both the arms of the T are fabricated from 3/32 Steel rod that have been soldered and heat treated to allow them to be bent more controllably. We finish up with a coat of semi-flat black powder coat for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. (You might notice the arms are bent slightly because of the sand blasting process.  this is completely normal and not an issue)

    *Note: Avoid putting pressure on soldered joints when bending.

    The wall plate is simple and compact at 5/8" Tall and 2" wide but it is capable of supporting the mount and object when properly secured.  

    Attachment- For attachment to the wall we recommend screwing directly into a stud for maximum strength but should a stud be unavailable in your desired location there are many wall anchor types available to support a variety of weights.  We recommend going with the strongest anchor available for your wall type.  These are available at your local hardware store. 

    See our You Tube video on using T-arms here

    Sometimes a standard size just isn't right. You might want a larger armature or a smaller armature, or maybe you need a stronger upright or a more delicate upright. Whatever your need we can customize or custom build an armature for you. 

    Custom T-arm Information              *T-arm only*           *T-arm and base*

    We have been fabricating custom artifact displays for 35 consecutive years and our team has a combined 150 years of experience in the field of artifact mount making. If you have questions, need guidance or advise please feel free to call (800-862-9869) or email us.

    For an entirely custom armature check out our Custom Mount Making page.

    Additional Information

    Do it yourself mount making is a great way to improve the value of your collection.  Not only can mounts help artifacts to be more interesting but mounts can improve the safety of an artifact collection.  Armature holders, can be used for displaying and holding a variety of artifacts and figurines like Egyptian Ushabti, Olmec masks, small Bi, Choreiform glass, small bronzes, Roman glass, Greek bronze figurines, Faience glass, Terracotta figures, Hellenistic art, Mycenaean figures or blades, Byzantine crosses, small Mezcala figures and small masks, Colima artifacts, Mayan gold figures, small masks, Aztec gold and artifacts, Chavin art, Moche figures, Quimbaya gold artifacts, Pre-Columbian Celts, gold figures, and small jade masks, Cycladic figurines, small Inuit figures, Indian arrowheads, Chinese Tang, Ming, Ching dynasty art and jade Chinese Bi's, small African masks, Nordic artifacts, Japanese Katana display, koshirae Display, Shark tooth display, and artifacts, and small collectible dolls.
    Mounting art work can increase its value and make it more presentable to the viewer.

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