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3 Canes on Cane Holders
Three Cane & Walking Stick Holders displaying canes of varying types and shapes
3 Canes on Cane Holders
Cane and Walking Stick Holder
Cane Holder Dimensions
Cane holder holding cane
Antique cane display
Cane & Walking Stick Holder Video

Cane & Walking Stick Holder

Item #: CH-65B

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  • Sturdy – Reliably supports small artistic objects
  • Secure - Sturdy base and double rings provide a high level of security against fall risk
  • Discreet – Unobtrusive design perfect for art display
  • Easy to use – Can be shaped and modified with minimal-to-no tool usage

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    The Cane & Walking Stick Holder is an effective display solution for tall-yet-thin objects. It is specifically designed to securely support canes and walking sticks, and can accommodate a variety of sizes, diameters, and weights. It is also designed to be tastefully simple – it appears aesthetic, while also not drawing attention away from its display piece.


    The bases are 5”x5” steel plate and are 3/8” thick. They are painted semi-flat black. He heavy steel plate provides a sturdy base that allows a greater variety of sizes of canes & walking sticks to be displayed while also minimizing fall risk.


    The rings are made of 1/16” softened metal as to be easily shaped, cut, and bent. The upright post is 6 1/8” tall and is made of 1/8” metal. To use, simply place the cane or walking stick in the holder, and bend he rings inwards or outwards to properly secure it. A helpful instructional video for shaping cane and walking stick holders can be found here.

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    A little smaller than I expected but doesn't pose a problem. It has a good heavy base that should support all but the heaviest canes. - George S.

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