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Museum display case at ADE
Table case with steel legs
Museum display case at ADE
Museum display case at ADE

Stuttgart Table Display Case - 72" Wide x 8.3" Glass Height

** Ships directly from Germany - You will be notified with shipping quote.

**Order will be processed after your approval.**

* 6 upgrade options available

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    Stuttgart Table Case with Steel Legs and Gas Struts
    1 $6,678.00
    Option "A" - Upgrade to Low Iron Glass
    1 $430.50
    Option "B" - Build with Miter Hood Construction
    1 $595.00
    Option "C" - add LED Light Bar
    1 $1,368.50
    Option "D" - Upgrade from Steel Legs to Panel Legs
    1 $971.25
    Option "F" - add Climate Compartment
    1 $805.00

    38.3"H x 72"W x 24"D x 8.3" Glass Height

    **"Options" are "add-ons" and are not sold by themselves. They must be bought in addition and added on to the STC72 table case.

    ***Ships in 10 to 15 weeks.

    Cases are made in Germany and shipping is usually over $1000 per case.

    Additional Information

    Width (N1): 1829 mm (72") Depth (N2): 610 mm [24"] Height of base construction (N3): 762 mm [30"] Visible glass height (SGH): 211 mm [8.3"] Overall height: 973 mm [38.3"] Classifications: MDF: ZF MDF, fire retardant class B2 / Euroclass D Locks: DOM security locks with a minimum of 5 pins Glazing: The vertical glass panes and the lid pane are made of 8,76 mm thick laminated safety glass that comprises two glass panes each 4 mm thick that are specially bonded to each other with a two ply interlayer. This meets the European anti bandit standard of DIN EN 356 class P2A. This glass includes a UV Protection for the inside of the display area. Coating: According to RAL colour card "Classic" Fabric: According to Baumann Ultra IV range. Corpus: The display case is constructed from 4 vertical glass walls, a lid pane and a base construction (Delivery as an assembled unit). Glass case: All exposed edges rounded off and polished. The panes close flat against each other (butt joints). The lid pane is a rectangular glass panel with a 1.5 mm projection all around. The butt joints are connected by clear adhesive. Opening: The 5 sided glass corpus solidly sealed with the angular frame can be opened by means of gas pressure springs. The axis of rotation is not visible. Locking: 1 or 2 safety cylinder lock is built in concealed in the base construction of the display case on the side (N2). Key suiting: TBD. Base construction: Solid frame is made of welded steel profiles. The tubular steel legs are made of square rods (35 x 35 mm) with levelling feet. The blind for glass installation is made of an angular frame 60 x 40 mm. Visible surfaces are colour coated. Display plate: The display plate is made from ZF MDF. Visible surfaces are covered with fabric.