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Flat Back Vertical Gun Stand

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-Many Customization Options Available (see Below)

    33.25"H x 20.75"W x 12.625"D
    Oak 1 $159.00
    33.25"H x 20.75"W x 12.625"D
    Walnut 1 $229.00

    Vertical gun rack for storage, display, and organization of rifles, shotguns, and more.  

    The standard model holds 6 guns and measures 33.25" High x 20.75" Wide x 12.625" Deep Overall.  

    Can be ordered in a variety of sizes based on your needs.  

    Deep enough to accommodate scopes in your rifle collection. 

    These are a perfect for a hunting cabin, Gun Vault, or to display firearms for sale.  Use them at gun shows, in a man cave, or many other locations to add style and flair to your Rifle Collection.  

    Some assembly is required.  Screws for assembly are included.  We recommend a drill to speed up assembly. 

    Customization Options

    We can add a wall hanging cleat to allow easy mounting on a wall.

    We can add shelves below the rack.

    We can add drawers below the rack.

    Rack slots can be angle for a more commercial gun display.

    Different Kinds of Wood can be used

    Different Color Felts can be used

    Security fittings can be added to the gun rack

    And Many other options are available.  

    Additional Information

    Displaying Rifles, Hand Guns, & Powder Horns

    Fire arms, both rifles and hand guns, are a popular collector’s item. Usually they are pre and post war sporting fire arms, American and foreign military fire arms, and tactical fire arms. Some collect based on how the fire arms were used, some collections will be based on the evolution of the fire arms and others will collect based on a historical era.

    There are a number of ways to display fire arms from the typical wall rack to elaborate custom stands.

    Art Display Essentials has clear acrylic table top stands for rifles that are sold separately in three sizes to accommodate different size fire arms. Typically a shorter one will be at the stock and the taller one will be at the forestock. By using these combinations you can also get a tiered effect with two rifles. These can be seen here:

    Art Display Essentials also carries wood gun stands that can be seen here:

    For mounting hand guns there are other options. Art Display Essentials carries a wood stand that has a post that goes into the magazine to hold the gun. Revolvers have a different type of wood stand that has a wood post on which the barrel rests. These can be seen here:

    Another option that has a refined look is to use one of Art Display Essentials H-arms. You can bend the H shaped armature to hold your pistol or revolver the way you want. You can float it off of the base or have the handle sit on the base.

    This same H-arm is also used for mounting powder horns and other items of that nature.

    For a specific high end stand for your fire arm or powder horn you can have one custom made. 10-31 Inc. has been mounting rifles, hand guns, and powder horns for over 30 years. In 1993, 10-31 was awarded the contract to produce mounts for and install over 2000 historically significant firearms for the National Firearms Museum.

    Types of Firearms:

    Pistol or handgun including; single shot pistols, revolvers, semi-automatic pistols.

    Long guns including; musket, rifled musket, rifle, shot gun, battle rifle, assault rifle, carbine, machine gun, submachine gun, marksman rifle, sniper rifle, anti-material rifle, automatic rifle.

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