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Museum display case at ADE
Museum display case at ADE
2 suction cup lifter
2 suction cup lifter

Amsterdam Pedestal Case 29.25"W x 19.5" Glass Height

Item #: APC7500

Availability: Built to Order
Usually ships In 10-12 Weeks

** Ships directly from Netherlands - You will be notified with shipping quote.

**Order will be processed after your approval.**

* Upgrade options available

Price: $4,599.40

    2 Cup Suction Cup Option - (use 1 for a hinged case or 2 for a lift off case.)
    1 $130.00
    Option "A" - Upgrade to Low Iron Glass
    1 $465.40
    Option "B" - Build with Miter Hood Construction
    1 $1,112.80
    Option "D" - Add Door to Pedestal
    1 $122.20
    Option "E" - Add Gasket to Case Interior
    1 $208.00
    Option "F" - add Climate Compartment **MUST ALSO ORDER OPTION "D" with this option**
    1 $1,092.00
    Option "G" - RAL9005/9010 Powder Coat
    1 $109.20
    Option "H" - RAL to Choose Lacquer
    1 $221.00

    58.5"H x 29.25"W x 29.25"D x 19.5" Glass Height

    **"Options" are "add-ons" and are not sold by themselves. They must be bought in addition and added on to the APC750 table case.

    ***Ships in 10 to 15 weeks.

    Cases are made in Amsterdam and shipping is usually over $1000 per case.

    Additional Information

    Width (N1): 750 mm [29.25"] 

    Depth (N2): 750 mm [29.25"] 

    Height of base construction (N3): 914mm (39") 

    Visible glass height (SGH): 500 mm (19.5") 

    Overall height: 1500mm (58.5") 


    Glazing: The vertical glass panes and the lid pane are made of 8,76 mm thick laminated safety glass that comprises two glass panes each 4 mm thick that are specially bonded to each other with a two ply inter layer. This meets the European anti bandit standard of DIN EN 356 class P2A. This glass includes a UV Protection for the inside of the display area. (OPTION: Change to Low Iron white glass)

    Aluminum Extrusion: Anodized aluminum 32mm x 32mm

    OPTIONAL: color Coating: According to RAL color card "Classic" RAL 9005 or 9010 as powder coat. All other colors as Lacquer

    Fabric: According to Baumann Ultra V range. 112, 121, 122 and 406 standard. Other colors optional

    Glass case: All exposed edges rounded off and polished. The panes are butt joined with square edges. The lid pane is a rectangular glass panel with a 1.5 mm projection all around. The butt joints are connected by clear adhesive.

    OPTIONAL: Miter glass construction

    Opening: The 5 sided glass hood is bonded to an aluminum frame can be opened by lifted off completely with a special suction device.

    Locking: There are 2 safety cylinder locks included. They are built in visible in the glass case aluminum extrusion on opposite sides.

    Base construction: The base construction is a 5 sided closed pedestal that is made from aluminum extrusions and ZF MDF. There are leveling feet built into the base construction to align the display case correctly. Visible surfaces are color coated.

    Display plate: The display plate is made from ZF MDF. Visible surfaces are covered with fabric.

    2 suction cup lifter
    starting at:
    Price: $130.00