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Museum Signs 8.5 x 11
art display signage plate, Museum Signs, gallery wall artist placards, art gallery placards, art gallery display wall, art gallery sign
art display signage plate
art display signage plate
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art display tabletop adapter
art display tabletop adapter
art display signage plate
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Signage Plates

* Display information, directions or instructions clearly and professionally

* Easily changes orientation (landscape or portrait)

* Use with stanchions, info stands, wall mounted or freestanding.

* ADA Low Reflect Acrylic

* Angled or vertical adapters sold separately.

    8.5"H x 6" Signage Plate Only (Portrait only)
    Aluminum 1 - 3
    8.5"H x 8.5" Signage Plate Only
    Aluminum 1 - 3
    8.5"H x 11" Signage Plate Only (Landscape only)
    Aluminum 1 - 3
    8.5"H x 14" Signage Plate Only (Landscape only)
    Aluminum 1 - 3
    11"H x 8.5" Signage Plate Only
    Aluminum 1 - 3
    11"H x 14" Signage Plate Only
    Aluminum 1 - 3
    11"H x 17" Signage Plate Only
    Aluminum 1 - 3
    16"H x 24" Signage Plate Only
    Aluminum 1 - 3
    Wall bracket for Signage Plate, 6"W
    Aluminum 1 - 5
    60 degree Wall bracket for Reader Rails and Signage Plates
    Matte White 1 - 3
    Tabletop Adapter for Signage Plate
    Stainless Steel 1 - 5
    Freestanding Table top Bracket ONLY - 60 degree, for 11" extrusions
    Stainless steel 1 - 3

    Signage Plate for Information Stands and Stanchions. Also available are wall and table top adapters. Signage plates and adapters sold separately.

    Inform Effectively and Discreetly

    The objective is to offer information in the simplest, least distracting manner possible, and the Signage Plate does this by displaying information in an easy to read and discreet manner.

    Signage plates are an essential piece of gallery equipment. We produce a large variety of sizes because we know your needs vary from small and discreet to large and expansive. Signage plates are used in such a broad variety of applications that it is difficult to explain how useful they are. We have designed these to be as easy to use as possible while still being beautiful.

    We start with aluminum extrusion produced in the USA by a family owned company. Our extrusion is designed to be modular so that we can adjust sizing to fit a wide variety of applications. We assemble the extrusions in our New Jersey manufacturing facility and trim them to precision length. We insert a plastic cover that is textured with a specially formulated ADA compliant anti-reflective coating, this coating improves readability of the graphics panels. Next, we add our unique end strips that are designed to capture and conceal the edge of the plastic slipcover to enhance it appearance and keep the entire package concise.

    When you receive your graphics panel you will need to remove one end strip to free the plastic. Next peel the protective film from the plastic cover. Put the Signage plate onto your choice of stand, we suggest a few below. Insert graphics printed on paper under the plastic cover and reinstall the end strip.

    -Use our wall bracket to flush mount the Sign on a flat surface near the artifact such as a wall, riser, or pedestal.

    -Pair a Signage plate with one of our tabletop brackets and place them on a variety of surfaces such as a desk or table, inside a display case, on a pedestal, on a riser, or on the floor.

    -Use signage plates on top of 16” or 24” tall art stanchions to create a knee-high interpretive surface that is great for all ages and does not distract from paintings, sculpture and traveling exhibits.

    -Place Signage plates on our waist height Info Stands to create beautiful graphics displays. Perfect for historic house explanations, historic recreation rooms, large exhibits, aquariums and many more uses.

    -Do you have a Custom height request, or do you need info stands in a different color? Let us know, we custom build thousands of items every year.

    *The most common graphic surface utilized in these signs is printed paper, however we have many clients who chose to vinyl wrap the plastic or replace the plastic with 1MM Sintra for exterior applications. All these options create beautiful and reusable signs that will last for years. If you need any help sourcing an alternative sign material let us know.

    *Sometimes the silver coloration of the anodized aluminum is not right for you. We offer Powder coating to custom color the Sign frames to your specifications. Contact us for more details.

    *You will need a stand for these to work effectively. We sell these pieces Al-cart because we offer such a huge variety that it is nearly impossible to predict what an institution might require.

    The MS-A1185SP has the end strips on the 11" sides and the MS-A8511SP has the end strips on the 8.5" sides. For hanging on a wall the MS-A1185SP would be portrait and the MS-A8511SP would be used as landscape. The MS-A1185SP can be used as landscape or portrait when used with an information stand.

    Paper Weights and Print Options

    The groove that holds the acrylic is 0.090 (90 thousandths) deep and the standard acrylic we are using is 0.065 (65 thousandths) thick. This leaves 0.025 (25 thousandths) for paper, standard paper is 0.004 (4 thousandths) thick. Typically, I suggest 100 LB text paper because it’s a good all-around thickness and its readily available. If you want something thicker or want to use textured paper stocks, the thickest paper we recommend is 10 pt cover. Photo paper is always a good option as the print fidelity can be improved.

    Standard print media used for these panels is simple printer paper and it generally returns favorable results. Sign Media can be made in a variety of other ways such as direct print on 0.06 (1mm) thick Sintra instead of using the acrylic. Vinyl wrap over 0.06 or 0.08 Dibond panel (ACM) or the acrylic panel supplied.

    If you need help printing your graphics or have a special situation that requires something unique, please let us know.

    Print TemplatesOther ResourcesWhat's in the Box

    1 x Backing Plate

    1 x Acrylic Cover
    2 x End Strips

    * Adapters sold separately

    Plastic cleaners, polishes, and polishing cloths
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