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Quake wax, Anchoring, Keep art in place, candle holder, Museum wax
An assortment of Anchoring Adhesive products
Quake wax, Anchoring, Keep art in place, candle holder, Museum wax
Quake wax, Anchoring, Keep art in place, candle holder, Museum wax
Museum Wax, quake wax, art protection, curio cabinet security, art security
Museum Wax - 4 oz. opaque - 55111
Clear Museum wax, Glass adhesive, Curio cabinet, art security

Anchoring Adhesive

  • Secure display
  • Easy removal
  • Temporary and effective usage

    2.64oz Anchoring Putty
    Off-White 1
    2oz Microcrystalline Wax
    Opaque 1
    4oz Microcrystalline Wax
    Opaque 1
    4oz Gel
    Clear 1

    Anchoring Adhesives are temporary adhesives designed to keep objects placed on flat surfaces from moving. They are made from a blend of micro-crystalline waxes that allow them to both strongly secure items they are applied to, and also to be easily removed from both the objects mounted and the surfaces they are adhered to. They are especially useful in areas where the mounting surface is anticipated to be repeatedly bumped into, such as shelves or tables. They are also highly recommended for the mounting of fragile objects, such as china, glass, or crystal.
    We carry several varieties of adhesive anchoring substances, each with their own use-cases and niches in order to best display artistic objects in a wide variety of applications.

    Adhesive Types

    Anchoring Putty (99111)

    Anchoring Putty is the best option for objects that will be frequently moved. It is easy to apply and remove. It is also straightforward to clean up and is easily reusable. It applies well to flat surfaces of a variety of materials.

    Anchoring Waxes (55111, 66111)

    Anchoring Waxes are a bit more permanent than the putty in that the waxes are single-time use and made with a stronger adhesive. It is still easy to remove, however. Avoid using Anchoring Waxes on unfinished wood as they will leave a residue that will be absorbed into the wood. These are best used on finished wood surfaces, or other less absorbent materials, such as glass, granite, etc.

    Anchoring Gel (33111)

    Anchoring Gel is designed with display on clear surfaces (such as glass or acrylic) in mind. It is clear and unobtrusive as to not draw attention away from the object it is mounting.

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