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Four black and yellow Furniture Skates arranged in front of a light blue background
An arrangement of four Furniture Skates

Furniture Skate

  • Effective across a wide variety of flooring types
  • Sturdy and reliable design
  • Easily supports many shapes and sizes of furniture

Pucks are sold individually

    6" diam.
    Black 1 - 3
    4 - 11

    Furniture skates are sturdy disks designed to facilitate the easy movement of heavy furniture across flooring. They consist of a concave plastic shell which contacts the floor, and an inlay of a rubberized synthetic material that both provides padding for the furniture and reduces any vibration accompanying sliding the puck. The rubberized inlay also serves to reduce risk of furniture legs slipping within the puck itself. The puck’s floor-contacting surface is also smooth and durable, reducing scratch risk to the floor compared with that of unprotected feet or legs of various furniture types. To use, simply place a disk under each leg of the piece of furniture.

    Note: Pucks are sold individually

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