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ADE surface mount art stanchion

Surface Mounted Art Stanchions

* Suits both temporary and permanent displays

* Suitable for wood floors

* Very easy to install

* Click here for elastic cord

* Discreetly Protective

* Neutral, clean lines that blend with the environment

* Click here for wall terminators

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    15"H with surface plate and cover
    Grey 1 - 3
    15"H with surface plate and cover
    Stainless Steel 1 - 3
    15"H with surface plate and cover
    Black 1 - 3
    15"H with surface plate and cover
    White 1 - 3

    This barrier features a steel base plate that can be screw fixed to the floor. The fixings are then concealed beneath the cover plate.

    The upright supports an elasticated cord that defines restricted access but gives to the touch without tripping or injury.

    We recommend a maximum of 10 feet or 3 meters between these barriers.

    **Sold individually**

    **elastic cord not included**

    Additional Information


    You will of course require elasticated cord to go with your stanchion layout.

    Wall terminators are an excellent way to complete some stanchion installations by returning the line of cord back to the wall.

    You can now apply information signage directly to the top of our stanchions by using one of our signage adaptors that will accept our range of aluminum labelholders.

    Our stanchions are supplied complete with an Allen key and that is the only tool you will require to assemble them but if you need more keys, just ask.


    It is important to select a stanchion finish that blends well with the environment and minimises visual impact, and to assist this process our standard cord colour is a neutral gray. However in areas where it is important to draw attention to the line we can supply cord in a range of colours that will enhance the contrast. These are white, red or black.

    Because these stanchions have a rigid fixing the tension on the cord can be greater and it is possible to increase the distance between stanchions up to a maximum of approx’ 10'.

    Whenever possible stanchions should be placed in a symmetrical fashion in front of an artwork as this maintains good overall harmony.


    Stanchions are supplied with an Allen key for assembly.

    1. Screw the thick baseplate (3/32") to the end of the upright with the countersunk bolt placed through the central hole, and tighten securely with the Allen key. The countersink for the three screwholes will be on the top surface of the baseplate.
    2. Mark out the position of the barriers being careful to ensure that the cord slots on top are inline, and screw into place using a #4 size screws or similar. Normal spacing between barriers is 7'- 8' but this can be increased to 10' on occasion, so long as the tension on the cord is sufficient to maintain a straight and level line.
    3. Place the supplied coverplate over the top of the stanchion and slide down to the base so that it hides all of the fixings.

    Other ResourcesWhat's in the Box

    1 Upright with attaching bolt and injection molded cap

    1 Base weight
    1 Base cover plate
    1 Allen key

    What's not included: Elasticated Cord, Wall Terminators

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    Price: $44.00-$249.00