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Shelf Edge Label Holders


    We have developed this system to enable the labeling of artifacts along the front edge of a shelf so that the information is contained in one clear line and does not visually interfere with the objects on display. We recommend that the label runs the entire length of the shelf regardless of quantity of information as this is the ‘cleanest’ solution. It can be applied to glass shelves (or any other material up to 10mm) with clips or bonded to glass, or any other material and thickness of shelf by means of an ‘inert’ 3m tape. In addition to fixing to the shelf, this system also works very well when laid on the shelf, in which case the label is inclined at an angle of 15 degrees towards the viewer. Shelf Edge Label Holder Unit consists of one 94.5'' (2.4m) section of extrusion with 6 clips to attach to shelf, 2 acrylic face lengths 1.2m each.