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adjustable plate easel, Adjustable easel, Adjustable plate stand, variable size easel
adjustable plate easel, Adjustable easel, Adjustable plate stand, variable size easel
adjustable display easels by ADE
adjustable display easels by ADE
ADE adjustable plate stand
Plate Stand - Adjustable - APS-6
Plate Stand - Adjustable - APS-6
Plate Stand - Adjustable - APS-6
Plate Stand - Adjustable - APS-6

Plate Stand - Adjustable

Item #: APS-6

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-Clear for a non obtrusive Display

-Adjustable 6 inch arm for changing the display angle of your item

-Great for Plates, Bowls, Frame, Saucers, Plaques, Pictures

-Notch in leg allows for a double display

Price: $9.75

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    When all the other stands just don’t quite work, this adjustable plate stand will. The fine adjustment on the rotating back arm is useful when the angle of plate or bowl is critical. Also, great for odd shaped items and small pictures.


    ** I love this stand. This best aspect is that you see the item on display and not the stand. It seems to be well made and simple to use.
    Our wedding invitation was framed and we had an anniversary and I wanted to display the invitation next to the cake. We had a beautiful custom frame and did not want a stand that took away from the beauty of the invitation and frame. It looked so good that I now have it on a table with my nicer things. - Carol L

    ** Sturdy, adjustable clear plate stand. Lots of increments of adjustment. Just what I was looking for! 5 stars. - C

    ** Great little device! Easy to use (slide the center piece to one side then rotate it to your desired angle and then slide it back to the center). It is supporting a decently sized glass plate with ease and the best part is that you don't notice the device, you only notice the plate! - A.C.

    Additional Information

    Collectible plates, bowls, cups and saucers are available in a wide range from many cultures and time periods. Some plates were made specifically to be collector plates released as limited additions. With the growing number of these plates being released, a universal numbering system was devised called Bradex numbers so they could be listed on the Bradford Exchange. This number is divided into three sections; the first section tells you what country the plate was produced in. The next section indicates the producer of the plate, and the next part tells you the series and addition.

    There are a number of ways to display plates, the most popular approach is the easel. Bowl stands require a deeper easel than a plate stand simply because bowls are deeper than plates.

    Art Display Essentials offers stock plate and bowl stands in a variety of sizes and styles. Clear easels are available in a large range of sizes going up to 18” tall to hold a platter or charger. We also offer clear bowl stands as well.

    Some clear stands are also adjustable, allowing you to adjust for depth or the angle of display.

    Easels in wood are also available in a number of sizes and finishes including deep easels for bowls. These easels are folding so the depth has some adjustability.

    There are risers for plates and bowls as well as platform easels, which are used for objects with pointed bottoms like a “heart“ shape. Risers can also be used to display the piece at a higher level so something can be placed out in front.

    Another way to display a plate is on the wall. The size and weight of your plate will determine which style wall hanger is best for your needs. Standard spring wire holders can be used on lighter plates. These have some adjustability to them in the expansion of the spring.

    Other adjustable holders are plastic and put less stress on the point of contact. Larger plates can be displayed with an adjustable acrylic wall holder.

    Another option for wall mounting, in both metal and acrylic, are wall easels.

    Displays for cup and saucer sets are available in both acrylic and metal. In addition, there are displays that hold multiple plate settings.

    Sometimes a custom size or finish is desired so a custom mount would be the solution. has been custom mounting plates and ceramic objects for over 30 years and makes a very nice stand for these pieces. They can also fabricate wall mounts as well.

    Some plate types: Saucer, Appetizer plate, Dessert plate, Salad plate, Side plate, Bread and Butter plate, Dinner plate, Buffet plate, Platter, Decorative plate, and Charger.

    Some collector plates: American Classics, American Greeting, Americans All, Anheuser-Busch, Anri, Arabia, Arklow, Artaffects, Astri Holthe, Avon, Bareuther, Boehm, Brackenbury, Bradford, Bradford Exchange, C.d. Kenney, Cast Art Ind., Chambers, Charlotte, Children Series, Christian Bell Porcelain, Christmas, Christopherson, Coheleach, Collector’s Gallery, Currier & Ives, Danbury Mint, Daniel, Davenport Pottery Co., Davis, Degrazia, Disney, D’Arceau Limoges, Fairmont, Fenton, Fernandez, Fitz & Floyd, Franke, Franklin Mint, Glenrice, Goebel, Gorham, Granget, Hadley, Hamilton, Haviland Limoges, Helping Hands, Henriette Bonner, Hibel, Holiday, Holy Family, Howard Rogers, Hummel, James Kent Ltd., Jensen, Kaatz, Kaiser, Kathy Wallace, Kearns, Knowles, Konigszelt, Kuck, Kursar, LMI, Mcclelland, Metlox, Milestone Car Society, Morley, Norman Rockwell, Nymolle, Patience, Perillo, Porsgrund, Presidential, Reco, Redlin, Rhodes Studios, Rockwell, Rogers, Roman, Rorstrand, Royal Devon, Royale Blue Winter China, Royalwood, S. Morton, Schmid, Sherwood, Spencer Gifts, Sports Impressions, Syracuse, Viletta, Villetta, W.s. George, Western.