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Acrylic mount with multi-colored necklaces displayed on it
An assortment of necklaces displayed on a Notched Necklace Display
Acrylic mount with multi-colored necklaces displayed on it
Necklace Display - Notched - CST1

Necklace Display - Notched

Item #: CST1

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  • Striking presentation
  • Spacious display area

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    Notched Necklace Displays are acrylic mounts designed for the display of many necklaces on a single exhibition piece. They are comprised of a single sheet of clear acrylic that is 10.625” wide that is bent near the bottom to form a stable horizontal 4” base and a striking angled vertical 13.5” display. On the top of the acrylic sheet is a series of notches for holding necklaces in place. In all, Notched Necklace Displays have the capacity to display necklace collections of up to 13 pieces at one time.

    *Note: Acrylic scratches easily, handle with care. We carry plastic cleaner for removing scratches, which can be found on our plastic cleaners page.

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    For further inquiries, please feel free to call us at (800-862-9869) or email us. Our team has been fabricating custom artifact displays for 35 consecutive years and has over 150 years combined of experience in the field of artifact display and is well-equipped to answer questions, offer advice, and provide support.

    Plastic cleaners, polishes, and polishing cloths
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    A graphic of an acrylic display mount
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    Two magnification devices, one chrome-colored and one gold-colored
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