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Mini-clima Humidity control
humidity control device, Display case air conditioning, museum humidity control, display case dehumidifier, vitrine desiccant, vitrine humidity, vitrine air conditioner
humidity control device, Display case conditioning, museum humidity control, display case dehumidifier,
humidity control device at ADE
humidity control device at ADE
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MiniClima air filtration, display case air filter, case air filter, vitrine filter, vitrine air quality,

miniClima Constant Humidity Device

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    conditions 0.5 cubic meters
    Blue 1 $3,380.00
    conditions 3 cubic meters
    Blue 1 $3,390.00
    conditions 5 cubic meters
    Blue 1 $3,967.00
    conditions 10 cubic meters
    Blue 1 $6,707.00
    Add-on Triple Air Filtration Unit
    1 $499.50

    The miniClima Constant Humidity Devices serve to keep the relative air humidity inside a closed case on a constant level without influencing the temperature of the conditioned air. They are used for museum showcases, switchboards, deposit cupboards, containers and similar applications. The essential requirement for efficient operation of the system is that the case should be airtight and manufactured from non-porous materials.  

    Please read the special info about EBC-Easy before purchase. 


    Constant Humidity in Cabinets, Cases, Containers:

    • Regulation of the relative air humidity in museum showcases, depository cupboards, switch cabinets,...

    • Cautious approach of the setpoint • No influence on the temperature • Constant and equally distributed air humidity

    Safe Protection for Precious Exhibits or Sensitive Components:

    • Tight air circulation system

    • No intermingle with outside air

    • Permanent control and correction of the humidity level

    • Optical and (switchable) acoustic alarm signals

    • Potential-free contacts for the external display of both the composite error alarm and the EBC‘s on-off status

    • Integrated datalogger with RS232 interface (standard feature)

    • Free software (for WindowsTM) to administrate/monitor/read out all present EBCs via PC/laptop

    • Optional accessories for including one or more EBCs into an existing LAN or WLAN (administrating/monitoring/reading out from the desk)

    • Support for the ASCII-Modbus protocol

    • Calibration of the RH sensor via the menu on the front plate (correction of the sensor signal)

    Dehumidification, Humidification as Required:

    • Relative humidity measured directly inside the case

    • Editable setpoint, editable hysteresis, editable thresholds for the issuing of the humidity alarm

    • Immediate start of the appropriate action according to the preset values: dehumidification by condensation of surplus air humidity or humidification by evaporation of condensate or distillate

    Simple, Easy, Effortless:

    • The devices require electric supply through a standard socket-outlet only

    • No facility piping

    • Easy to handle, effortless upkeep

    • General inspection at the factory recommended for about every two years (substitution units for bridging this period of time can be delivered on request and dependent on our stock)

    Triple Air Filtration unit:

    Add a FLT_V2 to any Mini-clima unit, New or Old, to add triple air filtration.  Triple Filter unit can improve air quality and remove dust, pollutants, odor, VOC, and more.  This is a great way to improve the preservation of objects and extend the interior cleaning cycle of your cases.  Objects and cases alike emit small levels of pollutants that are impossible to avoid.  Over time these pollutants can build up and cause damage.  Installing a Triple Air Filtration unit can help to mitigate these issues. 

    EBC-EASY Special Instructions


    Checklist for the usage of an EBCeasy

    ❑ The showcase (or other "container") that shall be conditioned has to be made "climate ready": air tight and made of humidity tight materials.

    ❑ All silicone on the showcase will have to be fully hardened before the EBCeasy is put into operation: Degassing silicone has a destructive effect on the membrane inside the EBCeasy (see additional manufacturer information).

    ❑ No additional chemical substances should be present in the showcase air - especially repellents and anti-rust agents, as such gases, too, could cause problems to the membrane as well as to the artifacts.

    ❑ In case of doubts with respect to chemical reactions caused by the membrane we recommend to use our standard humidity controllers (EBC10/11/12 which use Peltier technology) instead of EBCeasy.

    ❑ The EBCeasy has to be positioned outside the conditioned part of the showcase (like in the plinth), it has to be installed horizontally and firm.

    ❑ The EBCeasy has to be able to emit its self-produced heat: edge distances of 10mm have to be kept from all air slits/grills, any blocking of the air slits/grills has to be avoided.

    ❑ The EBCeasy's place of installation has to be aired (by means of cooling holes1 or fans, if necessary), so that the temperature around the EBCeasy will be kept low, and in order to enable the EBCeasy to exchange humidity with the environment (minor and filtered air exchange).

    ❑ The EBCeasy has to be installed in a way so that all required maintenance works can be carried out (cleaning of the air slits & grills, changing of filters, using the menu buttons and viewing the display, deinstallation for service/repair,...).

    ❑ The RH/T sensor has to be placed inside the showcase, being exposed to the same temperature and humidity as the exhibit itself (beware of light installations/sunlight pointing directly at the sensor etc.).

    ❑ The positions of the hosepipe fittings on the showcase wall and the inner construction of the showcase have to ensure that the air inside the showcase will stream over the whole volume, avoiding shortcuts between air inlet and outlet.

    ❑ The hosepipes should not be laid close to heat-emitting installations (like parts of any light installations, mains supply units, etc.).

    ❑ The hosepipes should be held as short as possible and they should be laid in as few bends and turns as possible. They should further not be laid in loops where condensate might accumulate over time, eventually blocking the air stream (syphon effect).

    ❑ Those EBCeasys needed for installations with increased air resistances (long pipes, use of filters etc.) have to be ordered and built for that purpose, or they require additional fans which are integrated into the pipe system.

    ❑ All installations on the showcase walls have to be carried out air tight (i.e. the lead through of the sensor cable, third party installations etc.).

    ❑ Mind the max. voltage/amperage of 48V/4A when using the EBCeasy's potential-free switchover contacts for the external display of its on-off and alarm status.

    ❑ Mind that using the EBCeasy along to third party humidity and/or temperature control on the same case might lead to a malfunctioning overall system.

    ❑ Please take your time and read all relevant sections of the delivered manuals before you start.

    ❑ Mind that any EBCeasy needs a regular service in our workshop at intervals of about three years.

    ❑ Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any other questions.

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