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A rifle displayed on Acrylic Gun Stands
Acrylic Gun Stands - GS-06
Acrylic Gun Stands - GS-06
Acrylic Gun Stands - GS-06
Acrylic Gun Stands - GS-06
Acrylic Gun Stands - GS-06
ADE acrylic gun stands
Acrylic Gun Stands - GS-06
ADE acrylic gun stands
ADE acrylic gun stands
ADE acrylic gun stands
ADE acrylic gun stands
Acrylic Gun Stands - GS-06

Acrylic Gun Stands

Item #: GS-06

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  • Easily Customizable combinations
  • Variable use cases
  • Multiple sizes available

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Price: $15.25
    6" High 8" High 10" High

    Standard- 1.375" Opening Wide- 2.5" Opening

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    Acrylic Gun Stands are clear acrylic mounts designed for holding guns. They are sold individually (as opposed to being in pairs) as oftentimes multiple sizes are needed in combination to make the most aesthetic and secure display possible. Typically, two differently-heighted stands are required for longarms (such as rifles or shotguns), as longarm stocks tend to protrude much lower than the barrel-section when held level. Acrylic Sword Stands may also be used in conjunction with Acrylic Gun Stands, as they have a smaller-diameter aperture on them which is sometimes better-suited to holding a gun’s barrel if it is of a smaller diameter.

    The dimensions of the aperture on the standard sizes (GS) are approximately 1.25" wide and 1.125" high, while those on the wide size (GSW) are approximately 2.5" wide and 1.5" high. The lower parts of the apertures are also rounded to accurately conform to the shape of the gun on display.

    *Note: Acrylic scratches easily, handle with care. We carry plastic cleaner for removing scratches, which can be found on our plastic cleaners page.

    Further Inquiries:
    For further inquiries, please feel free to call us at (800-862-9869) or email us. Our team has been fabricating custom artifact displays for 35 consecutive years and has over 150 years combined of experience in the field of artifact display and is well-equipped to answer questions, offer advice, and provide support.


    *I was really very pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality of the 2 stands. I was kind of expecting something more flimsy, but the bases are quite substantial and the plastic is crystal clear. I ordered a 6" & 8" and they hold my Henry rifle perfectly level. - Edward, AZ

    *Fantastic Product- love the Display Holder- Super Fast Shipping- A+A+A+ - Brinya

    *I thought they came in pairs, but realized after, the description says sold individually. - Sam

    *I purchased these items to display a couple of very old guns that have been in my family for years. The stands fit perfectly in the display case that I have in my home. - P Miller

    *Well packaged and fast delivery. Fit my needs perfectly. - D.B. -NJ

    *I bought these as a stand for the 25th anniversary power ranger dragon dagger, I bought a 6inch and 8inch to display it at a diagonal. Works perfect!! So not a gun display review, but hopefully if someone is looking to display this collectors item it will help. - A.J. -MS

    *Excellent. (Wide version)Clears an AR mag off the table by about 2 inches I use these professionally. They look spectacular on video. Kenny L. -CO

    *Perfect. Does just what we expected to display and old firearm with some other antiques. - Ron Z

    *Strong and sturdy, works wonderfully for photography - G Smith

    *Displays my .45 cal. cap and ball long rifle nicely. - B.K. -VA

    *We are using this stand to display a firefighter ax received as a retirement gift. We purchased a different height for each end of the ax. The item came on time, is well made and is as described. - Daryl G. - OR

    *I ordered two of these stands to hold a vintage piper cub propeller on top of a bookcase. They are perfect. Everyone that has come in has commented on it.

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