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Glass dome
A glass dome without a base
Glass dome
Glass dome on base
Glass dome on base

Glass Dome

  • Elegant glass design
  • Versatile simplistic design
  • Diverse range of applications

    7"H x 4"x 4", no base -dome only
    Clear 1 $12.50
    8.125"H x 4.5"x 4.5", no base -dome only
    Clear 1 $15.00
    10.125"H x 5.5"x 5.5", no base -dome only
    Clear 1 $23.00
    12"H x 8"x 8", no base -dome only
    Clear 1 $36.00
    15"H x 10"x 10", no base -dome only
    Clear 1 $39.00

    Glass Domes are a versatile display solution for small objects. They are glass cloche domes (also sometimes called bell jars) that come in a variety of sizes, with heights ranging from 7” to 15”, and diameters ranging from 4” to 10”, respectively. When paired with round walnut bases (which are sold separately), they provide an atmosphere that is protected from dust and the dome’s external environment, while also remaining transparant to the viewer and not disrupting lines of sight. They are scratch resistant, but also will shatter if handled too roughly; handle with care.

    Glass Domes furthermore yield a high degree of authority to any artifacts displayed within them because of their tastefully elegant glass design. Glass Domes have a wide variety of applications beyond being used strictly for art and are an excellent starting point for terrariums that could contain succulents and other small plants. They are also an excellent display solution for collectibles, toys, and miniature figures. Glass Domes are sold separately from round walnut bases.

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    3/4 Walnut Base - Round
    starting at:
    Price: $11.00-$22.00