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ADE Freestanding Label Holder
ADE Freestanding Label Holder
Freestanding Label Holders - MS-A0000FS
label holder at ADE
label holder at ADE
Museum Signs, Signage, Galleries, gallery, Free standing, Labels,
ADE Freestanding Label Holder
Q-Cord signage, Museum Signs, Free standing Sign, Desk Sign, Case sign
Q-Cord signage, Museum Signs, Free standing Sign, Desk Sign, Case sign
signage, Museum Signs, Free standing Bracket

Freestanding Label Holders

* Display information clearly and discreetly

* Choice of sizes up to 8.5" x 11"

* ADA Low reflect acrylic

* Aluminum-Backed presentation

    Freestanding 2"H x 4"W Label holder
    Anodized Silver 1 - 9
    Freestanding 4"H x 6"W Label holder
    Anodized Silver 1
    Freestanding 6"H x 6"W Label holder
    Anodized Silver 1
    Freestanding 11"H x 8.5"W Label holder
    Anodized Silver 1
    Freestanding Table top Bracket ONLY - 60 degree, for 11" extrusions
    Stainless steel 1 - 3

    The objective is to offer information in the simplest, least distracting manner possible, and the Freestanding Label Holder does this by displaying information about the artwork in an easy to read and discreet manner. Close enough to inform but not so close as to distract. The Freestanding Label Holder works by sliding the non-glare cover to one side and inserting the information "label" behind it.  Labels can be printed on printer paper or light card stock.

    Other sizes available, please call to discuss.

    Print TemplatesPaper Weights and Print Options

    The groove that holds the acrylic is 0.090 (90 thousandths) deep and the standard acrylic we are using is 0.065 (65 thousandths) thick. This leaves 0.025 (25 thousandths) for paper, standard paper is 0.004 (4 thousandths) thick. Typically, I suggest 100 LB text paper because it’s a good all-around thickness and its readily available. If you want something thicker or want to use textured paper stocks, the thickest paper we recommend is 10 pt cover. Photo paper is always a good option as the print fidelity can be improved.

    Standard print media used for these panels is simple printer paper and it generally returns favorable results. Sign Media can be made in a variety of other ways such as direct print on 0.06 (1mm) thick Sintra instead of using the acrylic. Vinyl wrap over 0.06 or 0.08 Dibond panel (ACM) or the acrylic panel supplied.

    If you need help printing your graphics or have a special situation that requires something unique, please let us know.

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    1 Backing Plate

    1 Acrylic Cover
    1 Foot