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Art Display barriers
Art Display barriers
Economy Art Stanchion
Economy Art Barrier
Economy Art Stanchion
Economy Art Stanchion set
Economy Art Barrier
Economy Art Stanchion set
Economy Art Barrier

Economy Freestanding Art Stanchion Packages

* FREE SHIPPING within continental US only

* Neutral, clean lines that blend with the environment

* Stable base with non-skid polyurethane pads

* Discreetly Protective

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    SET OF 5 Regular Economy Stanchions with single wide hole for 1 cord, 16"H with 9" x 9" base and a 75' roll of Grey Cord
    1 $555.00
    SET OF 10 Regular Economy Stanchions with single wide hole for 1 cord, 16"H with 9" x 9" base and a 75' roll of Grey Cord
    1 $1,010.00

    We have developed the Economy Barrier to meet the needs of our clients in a challenging economic climate. The barrier is the same height and works with the same elasticated cord as our popular Art Stanchion line, but is produced using the latest manufacturing techniques to provide a product to help the tightest of budgets.

    The Economy Barrier features a .5" powder coated base with an anodised aluminum post that will work comfortably in a wide variety of settings and has integrated non slip pads that will ensure it stays put and doesn’t mark that precious floor. The connector stanchion has a wider hole on top so 2 cords can come together in one post.

    When surrounding an exhibit, the neutral finish and clean lines sit comfortably within the museum and gallery environment. An elastic cord connects the barriers and draws a straight line in the air, blending with the architecture of the building and ensuring that the artwork is the object of attention. If choosing to define the protected space more sharply, the elasticated cord is available in red, white, black and grey, highlighting the boundary of the exhibit.

    Additional Information


    You will of course require elasticated cord to go with your stanchion layout.

    Wall terminators are an excellent way to complete some stanchion installations by returning the line of cord back to the wall.

    You can now apply information signage directly to the top of our barriers by using one of our signage adaptors that will accept our range of aluminum label holders.

    Our stanchions are supplied complete with an Allen key and that is the only tool you will require to assemble them.


    It is important to select a stanchion finish that blends well with the environment and minimizes visual impact, and to assist this process our standard cord color is grey. However in areas where it is important to draw attention to the line we can supply cord in a range of colors that will enhance the contrast. These are white, red or black.

    If a floor is highly polished the stanchions will need to be closer together (5') than a floor that has plenty of grip, in which case barriers can be spaced further apart (7').

    Whenever possible stanchions should be placed in a symmetrical fashion in front of an artwork as this maintains good overall viusal harmony.

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