The Inconspicuous Uniformity of Shelving and How to Overcome it

on Monday, July 17, 2023 8:12:19 AM
A figurine displayed on a Wall Wedge shelf

A common challenge in art display and interior design is finding shelving that fits the space it’s in, complements displays placed upon it, and does so while being both visually unique and inconspicuous. There’s no shortage of shelving options available across the internet, but there is a significant creative bottleneck that underlies the overall selection. In this post, I'll discuss what this creative bottleneck is, and present an effective display solution which overcomes this and truly breaks free from the invisible trend that almost all shelving ultimately follows.

The Inconspicuous Uniformity of Shelving

A Google search of ‘Aesthetic Shelving’ reveals a variety of results which, while certainly aesthetic, are all largely cut from the same proverbial cloth. The majority can be described as having striking shapes that are made with natural finishes. Individually they are certainly interesting, but overall, there is little variety among them overall within extends beyond this framework.

A slightly different search query of ‘Unique Shelving’ results in some genuinely unique shelving, albeit significantly expensive custom pieces that oftentimes have limited functionality brought on by the ambitious design choices that went into their construction. They, again, are generally more similar than not.

What all of these have almost invariably in common is that they are made with a seeming 2-dimensional level of depth that is, on one extreme, the simple combination of a few vertical and horizontal components, and on the other, the total rejection of this simple structure in favor of something overly elaborate that is more a statement than a functional display fixture. They’re all made with a certain range of aesthetics in mind and can overly restrict your creativity if that aesthetic is not the look you’re going for.

Unique Expression, the Wall Wedge, and You

An aesthetic interior made in your own unique way is a perfect way to express yourself, be it in a gallery, an office, or even a home. The first step of making something unique is to have unique ideas, the actualization of which is greatly assisted by having creative building blocks with which to put those ideas into motion.

This brings us to the Wall Wedge: an aesthetic, sturdy, affordable, and easily customizable shelving solution. These American-made shelves are unique in that they are triangular in shape – they actually break out from the 2D dichotomy of overly simple vs. overly elaborate shelving, and they do so while looking completely different from the other available conventional shelving options. Their shape gives them both significant depth and stability.

Wall wedges are commonly used in art galleries and museums – that’s no accident. These are institutions that collectively know a great deal about aesthetics. The muted white finishes our Wall Wedges are hand-made with are perfect for authoritative displays and are also a convenient blank canvas should you decide to pant them another color or even fully customize them with artistic designs.

The aesthetic possibilities are endless with Wall Wedges, and the sky is the limit. To purchase or read more specific information on them, the Wall Wedges page can be found here.

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