Display Armatures: What are they, and when should they be used?

on Friday, January 13, 2023 2:04:45 PM

What is an armature?

In the most general of terms, an armature is a framework on which some other material is formed around or supported by. Armatures come in all shapes and sizes and have been used for the creation of works of art ranging from small-scale clay sculptures all the way up to the Statue of Liberty.

What about a display armature?

Existing just outside of this narrow definition is what we at Art Display Essentials call a display armature. A display armature is certainly an armature as it forms a framework with which to hold something else, but it has a different purpose. Instead of supporting artwork internally, a display armature supports artwork externally. It is easily shaped, reshaped, adjusted, molded, etc. Display armatures represent a customizable wireframe that supports completed artistic objects, whether they are unable to stand on their own or not.

When should a display armature be used?

Display armatures should be used when you have an object you want mounted or physically elevated. It’s all in the name; display armatures are perfect for display. Anyone can display art with display armatures, not just museums and galleries. Display armatures have an endless array of potential use cases, ranging from artistic items as diverse as dolls, rocks, and guns, to canes, seashells, and oil lamps. They are the single most customizable type of display equipment there is, being shapable, bendable, and cuttable with only a few tools (if not no tools at all).

In short: display armatures are sturdy wire display stands designed to support and elevate small artistic objects for an improved viewing experience.

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