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Safe Hook - Art Guard Alarm

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  • Adaptable artwork mounting
  • Security on a budget
  • Effective alarm system

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    The Art Guard® is a patented art security device that protects against the theft of individual pieces of hanging art. The discreet, highly reliable, battery-operated device works a wide variety of sizes of artwork. Tampering with or setting off the alarm results in a 120 db alarm sounding. Its ease of use, flexibility and affordability make it a reliable primary or secondary line of defense for hanging artwork.

    The Art Guard replaces traditional mounting methods such as hooks, screws and, nails with suspension on a hanging wire which is placed into the thin slot at the top of the device. The wire depresses a weight-sensitive switch after being installed, which is easily activated by the user pulling down on a strap hanging behind and below the frame, which removes a key pin from the bottom of the unit. Once the key pin is removed, the alarm will go off if the picture is moved or removed. To move the mounted artwork without setting off the alarm, the key must be re-inserted.

    Typical “grab and run” thefts are further deterred by spring steel “capture clips” connected from “ears” on the Art Guard device to the hanging wire, which prevent the piece from being pulled from the wall or accidentally dropped.

    Because the Art Guard is not wired to an outlet or system, it can be freely moved and reused and applied to any hanging system. It operates on two AAA batteries, offering one year of active battery life; it also sounds a low battery alert when it is time to change the batteries. The Art Guard’s case, which houses its electronics, is built around a steel plate on the wall side of the unit. Welded to this plate is an extended steel collar that supports the screw and prevents cracking of the plastic housing. The plate also enables the device to safely support up to 25 lbs.

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