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We are leaders in the design and manufacture of museum products. Much of our business is with museum and art galleries but we also work actively with architects, universities, art centers, restaurants, and shopping malls.

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Museums vary widely in size, style, and subject matter, creating a wide range of display needs. Museums prefer a quality product that is also aesthetically pleasing and does not draw attention away from the object(s) being displayed. The products should be easy to use, have clean lines and fit in with the museums design.

Wall space, an important area for museums, is where many valuable pieces of art are displayed. This is why museum hanging systems are very important. One system they use is a “track system”. This system allows them to display artwork and move the pieces around without constantly repairing the walls. Other systems are stationary and may include security hangers.

Information is another important part of the museum experience so free standing signs and wall signs are widely used. Wall hung label holders are commonly used next to artwork to identify the artist and describe the artwork. Freestanding display case label holders as well as shelf edge label holders are used by artwork in a case or on a tabletop surface. Other freestanding signage can guide a patron through a museum or identify artworks in the center of a room.

Museum display barriers are used to create a boundary around an exhibit or artwork to keep patrons from touching or getting too close to the object on display. Barriers are also used to designate queue lines and control and direct traffic. A number of barriers are available for these purposes. A common barrier is the retractable belt barrier, frequently found in airports and banks. Another option is the draped rope barrier. These barriers have a very thick rope that droops in between posts. This type is frequently found in a theater. These would most likely be better used in a museum as opposed to the belt type. However, usually a museum will prefer a more refined look than either of these two options. Which leads to a third thin cord type barrier option. These barriers have a more clean and refined look than the others. The cord is less noticeable in front of the artwork and is less of a distraction. The cord is less of a trip hazard because it is elastic so it gives when bumped into. These are available in a low 16” high version to keep the cord out of the way of the artwork or the standard 36" retractable Q-cord version.

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