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Stanchions and Barriers

retractable museum barriers by ADE

Museum Display Products: Museums vary widely in size, style, and subject matter, creating a wide range of display needs. Museums prefer a quality product that is also aesthetically pleasing and does not draw attention away from the object(s) being displayed. The products should be easy to use, have clean lines and fit in with the museums design.

Museum stanchions are typically used to crowd control and queue visitors throughout a museum or institution. Taller barriers are usually used for directing foot traffic in a particular path or direction. Shorter stanchion posts can be used for surrounding items such as works of art to keep visitors from touching or getting too close. There are a number of barrier options that can be used, such as belts or ropes, but most museums prefer the more refined sophisticated approach of a straight cord retractable barrier. This gives a nice clean look that does not distract from the object being viewed.

Museum barriers should also adhere to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. The belt or cord on a typical barrier is too high. According to the ADA, the cord or belt must be cane detectable and located within 27 inches off of the finished floor or ground. Art Display Essentials also carriers the new Q-Cord Retractable Barrier made by 10-31 Inc., which is one meter(39.375”) high and has two retractable cords. The lower cord is half a meter(19.75”) off of the ground to be ADA compliant.