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    Reusable desiccating canisters protect all types of articles from deterioration caused by moisture or high humidity. DriCan is a small perforated canister containing indicating silica gel. One DriCan will maintain about a three cubic foot area of sealed space. The desiccant content has a reversible action. Once it has absorbed all the moisture it can hold,(indicated by a color change from blue to pink) it can be regenerated easily in the microwave or conventional oven. Heat DriCan in a vented conventional oven at 300 deg. F for approx. three hours or in a microwave on high for approx. 12 minutes (using a 900 watt microwave). Time may vary depending on microwave. Allow sufficient cooling before removing DriCan from an oven to reduce risk of personal injury. Damage to desiccant may occur in microwaves over 900 watts or from temperatures above 325 deg.F. DriCan has no harmful effects on material with which it comes in contact. The contents are chemically inert, non-corrosive, non-toxic, and odorless.